Wald wohnung


Very few cities can afford to feature a Wald (forest) within its perimeter. Berlin does. It is one of a number of urban organs of great interest. The others are the following: Berg, Burg, Dorf, Feld, See. The projects is an attempt to make people aware of this unique condition while LIVING in a new kind of MULTI-LEVEL  timber residence replacing an abandoned site along a water canal.


Wald Wohnung allows nature to find spaces where it can express forms of biodiversity inside the city's borders. The plan allows the vegetation within it to absorb dangerous dust particles in the air, and aims to create a subtle micro-climate to allow the sun to filter.


Two opposite schemes face each other: a solid, yet eroded block versus an open court scheme. Both schemes try to take advantage of the location by exposing most residential units to the surrounding scenery and to the direct sun exposure. The east block feature a continuous ring sitting on top of courtyards open to the south light. Balconies and terraces are a continuous presence in both blocks, which both feature a sun deck, rooftop open to their residents. Two garages are located under each block to free the site from metallic presence.


The structural frame envisioned is a custom designed system of timber walls and hybrid floors.

LocationBerlin, Germany
Use: Residential, Mixed-Use
Client:Private client
Status:design development
Design Team:

conrad-bercah, andrea angeli, stefano bacciocchi, enrico mazzariol.