Expat loft


The context is provided by  a formerly abandoned industrial space in Milan. The setting is expected to cure the nostalgia for things past by establishing a New York-style workroom+residence for a homesick New Yorker living on the Naviglio Milanese, the only surviving body of water in a city once made livable by watery


Water was once a main feature of Milan's urban landscape. The nostalgia for what has been lost is magnified by the presence of an abandoned water tank and the proximity to the channel. All project decisions stem from this. The project exploits the double height of an abandoned industrial space by separating uses: a work room on the lower level; living quarters above. The two areas are intertwined, and the mutual views are enhanced by glass panels. Materials, technology, and all the design features hark back to the American landscape and its myths, in an attempt to recreate the sense of being in New York City. Special attention is given to the many icons of the visual landscape of American sport fans: a basketball hoop, a sofa shaped like a baseball glove, a fireman's pole, an American flag, all of which are put together to form a kind of artificial Yankee landscape. The fireman's pole makes it possible to plunge directly from the bedroom to the conference table.


The section reflect the functional division: private quarters are separated by the working quarters via a mezzanine.


A steel frame provides the support to a continuous layout of cedar strips for the mezzanine that duplicates some of the ground floor area in selected instants.

LocationMilan, Italy
Use: Office, Mixed-Use
Client:Private client
Design Team:

conrad-bercah, Pietro Bologna, Giovanni Rana (architectural) Giancarlo Daleffe (structural) Flavio Ranica (mechanical)