CGSH Milan Office


Task: to design the Milan headquarters for the orderly practice of one of the world's most distinguished law firms inside an office building designed by Gio Ponti in 1963 in the heart of Milan's business district


The lawyer’s 'cell' is the first area focus. Two sides are created for two different uses, 'day' versus 'night.' The night side is equipped with 'solid' cherry cabinets for storing documents not in daily use; the day side has open cherry shelves for quotidian use, as well as a desk and everything needed for day-to-day practice.

A number of conference rooms are created. The main one pays subtle homage to Giò Ponti, who designed the building's facade. The table, which seats 26, is reminiscent of the floor plan of the Pirelli tower, Ponti’s most famous building.

The room's 'interior' facade, which separates it from the corridor, is made of cherry-wood panels, some of which are moveable. The corridor serves as a gallery, in which niches housing art work mirror the cherry-wood cabinets projecting into the corridor. The entire office is characterized by the materials of the vertical and horizontal surfaces: cherry wood, glass, and acrylic resin, which, all together, create a sense of order and transparency representative of the firm's culture and mission.


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LocationMilan, Italy
Use: Office
Client:Private client
Design Team:

conrad-bercah, Pietro Bologna, Chiara di Carlo, (architectural)  ERRE GI (mechanical) Stefano Bacciocchi (render), vago forniture (furniture)