bercahaus is the first, highly prefabricated five levels timber house ever built in Berlin. The house is part of larger urban regeneration that involves existing XIX century buildings and new additions not perceivable from the street.


The building footprint is 14.5m x 13m and is constructed in energy-efficient timber construction. It features a KfW-Effizienzhaus-55. The staircase and the foundation slabs are the result of semi-prefabricated concrete elements, while timber technology construction is used in the main building.
The use of wood enables a high degree of prefabrication and thus precise assembly on site. All timber construction work is carried out in accordance with construction planning, production planning for prefabrication or assembly planning and statics.
The building process consists of six stages:

1 building of pre-fabricated element _04-06.2018

2 digging and concrete foundation building _04-06.2018

3 concrete staircase assembly _ 08. 2018

4 timber elements assembly _ 09.2018

5 electrical and mechanical installation _ 10. 2018-06.2019

6 interior finishes _ 01.2019-09.2019

timber elements were prefabricated in Bressanone, Italy in 44 working days and were later assembled on site in berlin in 21 working days (from August 29 to September 26, 2017) by 2 specialized LIGNOALP workers helped by 2 berlin-based local carpenter.


The new house consists of five levels, two units per level: a studio + a 2 bedroom unit that can be easily combined into one unit or divided into 3 smaller unit/studio. The roof profile replicates the existing condition of neighboring buildings.


LocationBerlin, Germany
Use: Residential
Client:Private client
Design Team:

conrad-bercah, stefano bacciocchi, Erich Gruber, Michael Sedlmayer.