Berlin infrastukturbau kultur

Reiner Nagel is the director of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur, a platform with three major aims: (1) to strengthen awareness of good planning and building, (2) to make the achievements of planning and construction in Germany better known, (3) to stimulate discussion throughout the country about quality standards in urban planning and the construction and housing industries. Prior to taking this position in 2013, he was head – from 2005 to 2012 – of the urban development and public space planning divisions of the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development.

I spoke with Nagel in November 2013 about the invisible layers of Berlin’s urban value. The value of our conversation lies, in my judgment, not just in its content but also in its ‘tone’, as the latter says the most about the long-standing value of Berlin’s unique – and not fully acknowledged (or understood) – ‘Infrastrukturbau kultur‘, which the following video will hopefully make apparent.

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