Archipelago Town-Lines

‘The difference between tourist and traveler,’ wrote Paul Bowles in the Sheltering Sky,‘ is that the former accepts his own civilization without question, while the latter compares it with the others, and rejects those elements he finds not to his liking.’

Archipelago Town-lines grew out of a similar mind frame. The travel notes recorded in the app attempt to design a new urban geography that allows the ‘reader’ the freedom to create their own temporal and cultural connections traveling between the past and future of their cities by comparing notes, texts, videos, street reportages, photo galleries, and interactive data visualizations.

Archipelago Town-lines, is built around 3 street reports from 3 different symbolic cities—Berlin, Beirut, Venice—in which the author spent a significant amount of time between 2009 and 2012, analyzing/studying their hidden urban and social qualities.

Through original photo galleries, video and audio contents and interactive data visualization features, the app is a new guide for the acknowledgment of the urban geography, history and lifestyle of these three very different cities. These places are taken as models for the analysis of contemporary urban trends, in order to propose a new possibility for growth.

The app features video interviews to prominent architect, urban planners and academicians, specifically produced for it. Audio introductions to each section allow an alternative user experience, while diagrams and maps offer a descriptive visual take upon complex urban phenomena.

The app is the result of a 3 year-long research of the three urban areas here discussed.

- specifically designed for the iPad;
- visual table of contents for easy navigation;
- more than one hour of video interviews;
- original video footage from the streets of Beirut, Berlin and Venice;
- original audio commentary by the author;
- state-of-the-art interactive data visualizations;
- rich visual content through slideshows and photo galleries.