c-b-a is an architectural design office that has been active for twenty years in the European context, where it has developed dozens of projects of various types for private companies and public administrations.

The sustainable management of resources for a plurality of building types ranging from residential to commercial, to the world of work and public buildings such as libraries, museums, stadiums, is a privileged field for integrated planning and design actions. In the last few years its has engineered a construction system of timber wall frames and corroborating hybrid ceilings for a plurality of uses.

At present the c-b-a staff of 12 is made strong by a network of various professionals, including architects, qualified technicians and specialists in the field, who have at their disposal sophisticated and modern hardware and software equipment for order planning, design development and quality control of construction components. The synergy of heterogeneous professionals with consolidated experience ensures the study of solutions that allow the optimization, the analysis of the territory and the evaluation of possible strategies, without neglecting the objectives set by the customer.

c-b-a is able to manage in a complete and autonomous way all the phases of an order: architectural, structural, environmental design, master planning, development of urban plans, works management, accounting, economic evaluation of intervention, market analysis and real estate evaluations until the final delivery to the customer. When necessary, c-b-a avails itself of collaborators specialized in the different sectors and of external consultants with proven experience and quality, being able to guarantee itself as the only interlocutor of the client and as coordinator of all the professional figures interfacing in a job order, at the level of design and execution of the works for the whole duration of the job order.