c-b-a is an acronym for context of bare architecture.

c-b-a is about a new a-b-c for architectural form.

c-b-a is active in searching for sober solutions for  contemporary architectural elements reflecting the evolution of culture

c-b-a focuses on architecture, from large to small scale, without siding with either form or function.

c-b-a has an approach enthusiastic in its ambition and professional

c-b-a aims at turning analysis of practical as well as theoretical issues into the driving forces of design.

c-b-a embraces responsibilities: contractual relationship, project schedules and implementation processes are the very material the office works with.
c-b-a is convinced of the importance of constraints, be they financial, physical or political, which are seen as an opportunities rather than problems as they spring unexpected solutions.

c-b-a works for the establishment of a new bareness in architecture.