conrad-bercah works as an architect, architectural/urban thinker and author. He is the founding director of c-b-a, a Berlin-based architectural practice aiming at expressing the bare life of architectural form stripped of the prevailing rhetoric of the day.

conrad-bercah is the author of four books: Berlin Fragments. Heterography of an architectural form. (Lettera22edizioni, 2019) In Search of a Bare Architecture, Three Books of Memos, (Lettera22edizioni, 2020, forthcoming); Dörfer-großstadt, Tactical Town-lines for the Third Millennium, (2015) Merit Award, THE PLAN Best Paper 2015; West Workroom, Towards a New Sobriety in Architecture (Charta, 2008), hailed as a watershed in architectural theory by Joseph Rykwert. He is currently curating two books about Berlin for V I C E V E R S A: Berlin Anachronisms. Nachlebem, Pathosformeln, Phantasms, (Lettera22edizioni, 2020, forthcoming) and Berlin and urban form. The architecture of an anti-city (Lettera22edizioni, 2020, forthcoming).

conrad-bercah holds degrees from the Politecnico di Torino (1992) and the Harvard Graduate School of Design (1996), where he has served as an instructor (1996), fellow (1997–2000), and design critic (2008-2010). He has given public talks in North America (Daniels University, Harvard GSD, MIT) and in the EU (Domus Academy, TU Delft, Northeastern University, Politecnico di Torino and Milano, Sofia University). In 2013–14 he was a lecturer at the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism and a speaker at several international simposia, including the TEDxLugano conference.